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The Shinano River Basin

Flow volume

As the Shinano River has a broad basin area and peculiar weather, its runoff for the year is the most affluent in Japan and it contains 4 times the quantity of water in the Inawashiro Lake, which is the 3rd largest lake in Japan. In respect of the change of precipitation according to the season, flow volume between March and May accounts for 30 to 50 percent of annual outflows. This is caused by the huge amount of melting snow. This is a characteristic of the Shinano River.
Again, compared with the Tone River, which is a representative river in the Pacific Ocean side of Japan, you can see how the water is far richer in the Shinano River.

Annual total amount of runoff
Ranking Name of the river Annual runoff
(million m3)
1 The Shinano 15,200
2 The Agano 13,200
3 The Mogami 12,200
4 The Kitakami 9,100
5 The Omono 7,800