Tateyama Sabo - a Proud History of Service Trains

 Tateyama Sabo's service railway opened in 1926, and in 1929 11.7 km of track from Senjugahara to Kanbadaira went into operation. In 1965 the 18 km of railway to Mizutanidaira were completed. This section includes an 18-lebel switchback. At first the point switches were manually controlled, but between 1980 and 1986 they became entirely automated. However, for the sake of safety, an assistant driver checks that everything is running smoothly. The train has changed with the times up to the present day. This train, still today active in erosion control work, is one of the symbols of Tateyama Sabo.

  • The Whitcom 4t locomotive, the erosion control railway's first locomotive(1927).

  • The one remaining Kato Seisakusho 4t locomotive(1963-1980).

  • The main present-day 5t diesel locomotive(1965-).